Every millennial wants to be Batman and the reason why is simple: Batman’s the superhero with no superpowers. His personality defines him, not superpowers. 


A print campaign for the 75 Years of Batman Exhibition, sponsored by Livraria Cultura Library. Batman is considered as the most popular superhero in the comics industry, fans have been following all the constantly changes that the character is passing through during all this time. The story, the costume, and Batman’s behavior were dramatically changed during the 75 years, which is related to several different influences in the history.


Using the people’s passion for the superhero and all the movements that he was exposed to, Mr. Lunardi created a campaign using the concept “Everybody wants to be Batman”, with the most emblematic Batman symbol: the mask. A series of photographs using people’s hands in different shapes of a mask to celebrate the 75 years of contribution of the superhero to pop culture.