Pre-K for All is a recent project created by the New York City government to provide for every four-year-old access to free, full-day, high-quality pre-K. The initiative, with less than 2 years of existence, has already helped more than 70,000 children.

As Pre-K For All was very recent, my responsibility was creating the full visual identity for the brand to be spread in the whole city. The communication created had an important goal to make everyone who interacts with Pre-K For All to come away knowing exactly who they are and what they care about – the future of early childhood education.

Every touch point of their organization, from citywide announcements to parent-teacher interactions, should be connected to their vision – and their brand. 

A beautiful, consistent look and feel so that they stand out and are easily recognized. Those guidelines are their toolkit – whether someone is looking for a template for an email, wondering how to better communicate with families, or simply looking for the best way to tell someone what Pre-K For All is all about.