Nowadays the distance between countries is shorter due to the internet, it’s common that people are looking for a new home from thousands of miles away. But, there’s a problem: photos, most of the times, don’t show the reality of the places, especially when we talk about sizes. As we know moving to a new place is a great step, we created a feature in the AirBnb app called Box Doormat, a virtual reality experience to help you understand how this new place would be.

 The feature helps the host upload DIY Virtual reality video of their houses on the website. The app syncs two phones cameras and shoots a Google Cardboard Video. The virtual experience allows you to have the clear idea about the area, making it possible you choose the right place to live.  For the frequent AirBnb users a Box Doormat would be sent on their mail. Furthermore, the gadget would be available for sampling as special print ads in travel magazines.